Suspected damage to asbestos insulation boards at a Carshalton primary school has prompted experts to conduct an investigation.

A routine annual survey at Muschamp Primary School, in Muschamp Road, found the substance in five separate rooms, according to a letter sent to parents and carers.

Following the discovery, all the affected areas were sealed immediately “as a precaution”, while discussions with experts say potential risks to everyone are “low”.

The school believes the damage to the insulation boards may have happened during window replacement works which took place over the summer holidays in August.

Headteacher Heidi Westley insists no pupils or staff will be allowed into the affected classrooms until the school is “satisfied” there are no health risks.

While children are being welcomed back to Muschamp Primary School this week following half-term, a letter was sent out to inform parents and carers.

It reads: “While this situation is of concern to everyone, as soon as it was discovered the rooms were sealed immediately as a precaution.

“Subsequent air testing has confirmed that asbestos levels are below the legal control limits. Having consulted national experts, including Public Health England, all parties agree the potential risk to children, staff and visitors is low.

“In light of the discovery, the school has appointed an independent asbestos consultancy to undertake a thorough assessment of the situation with a view to advising on the best method of removing any remaining material.

“Please rest assured that no pupils or staff will be allowed to return to these classrooms until the school is satisfied on the basis of expert advice that there is no risk.

“A full investigation into how this occurred will be conducted in detail in due course. I will arrange for you to be kept informed about the progress and am happy to share with you any of the findings.

“There is strong support for dealing with this situation at every level in the school, from the governing body and the local authority [Sutton Council].”

The assessment took place over the half-term week, which involved repairing the damaged asbestos boards and carrying out thorough cleaning.

It is not yet clear when exactly the investigation will take place, nor how long it will take, however, parents and carers have been invited to one-to-one meetings with Ms Westley.

Muschamp Primary School has also agreed to further testing of areas around the school which were not affected by the works to ensure the problem has not spread.

The letter, as well as a document which answers frequently asked questions on the matter, are available on the school’s newsletters page on their website.

You can find the information by clicking here.

Asbestos is a term for a group of minerals which are made of microscopic fibres which, if you breathe in, can damage your lungs, according to the British Lung Foundation.

The substance is commonly found in buildings designed before 2000, and the late 1990s, but also ones which have been refurbished around that time.

Materials containing asbestos can be dangerous because the fibres inhaled can cause serious and fatal diseases – such as mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer.