A full-size replica of the Crystal Palace could be rebuilt on its original site, according to a ambitious plan drawn up by architects and developers.

The plans which are outlined at thecrystalpalacesite.com, propose recreating the wonder of the Victorian age in Crystal Palace Park by 2017.

It would house galleries, leisure and conference facilities and a hotel in the vision created by architects and developers People and Places International.

But the plan has been condemned by the LDA, which is about to unveil its own proposals for the park, as an expensive white elephant which would be an ecological disaster.

According to the website, an un-named bank will donate £100million to the scheme if the architects raise £40million.

In addition, it claims an anonymous individual has agreed to donate £40million to the development, if the public can raise a further £40million.

Sue Nagle, who represents Triangle Traders in discussions with the architects, said: "The plan is better than what the LDA are proposing because we won't need to sell of bits of park.

"Many people agree with us or are coming round to our way of thinking."

Crystal Palace Community Association chairman John Payne said: "This is a plan which has gone through all sorts of incarnations.

"It's only a very loose pastiche of the original palace and I doubt the local community would feel the benefits."

The London Development Agency (LDA) is publicising its own masterplan for the park in October, which will not include a replica building.

LDA spokesman Luke Robinson said: "This is only a vision and it is not going to include a replica of the crystal palace.

"The developers have not submitted anything to us yet but their vision has serious implications for the grade II listed site of the former Crystal Palace.

"From my point of view such ideas are in complete conflict with what local people wish.

"The construction of a building would cannibalise the park financially, become a white elephant and be a disaster for the ecology of the park."

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