Sutton's wizard man appeared in court this week, charged with possessing a knife in a public place.

Well known Conrad Garry Pugsley, 57, was at Sutton Magistrates' Court after being arrested on June 25 for carrying an eight inch knife in public.

Dressed in a full length black gown and carrying a jewel encrusted staff complete with dragon's head, Mr Pugsley confirmed his name and address.

The eccentric, of 257 Durand Close, Carshalton, pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing on religious grounds.

Electing to be tried by a jury, he will now appear at Croydon Crown Court on October 30.

The self-confessed practitioner of the dark arts is a common sight around Sutton, often found wandering up the high street with his dog, Gandolf.

Such is his notoriety that a group entitled Wizzard sic Man of Sutton' has been set up on social networking site Facebook to track his movements.

The group currently boasts 306 members, and includes pictures, sighting and discussion boards all focused on his whereabouts.

Having practiced magic since he was a child, Mr Pugsley told the Sutton Guardian that he was surprised when a friend told him of his fame.

"Unfortunately I don't have access to the internet," he said. "But I have heard it's very complimentary. I'm keen for people to know that I'm an actual practitioner, this is my religion. I am not an illusionist, I don't do tricks, and I am not a Paul Daniels."