Sutton’s best secondary schools for pupil progression have been revealed by the Government this week.

Provisional results at the end of Key Stage 4 for 2018 were published by the Department for Education (DfE) on October 17.

Called Progress 8, this score is meant to show how much progress pupils at schools in the borough have made been between the end of Key Stages 2 and 4.

This is based on results in up to eight qualifications – English, mathematics, three English Baccalaureate (EBacc) qualifications, and three other subjects.

For example, these EBacc qualifications can be sciences, computer science, history, geography, and languages.

This is then boiled down into one score.

According to the DfE, a score above zero indicates students made more progress, on average, than others across the country with similar results at the end of Key Stage 2.

But scores below zero means they made less progress on average compared with other schools in the country.

A negative Progress 8 score doesn’t mean pupils made less progress themselves, or the school has failed, but it’s in line with others around England at the end of Key Stage 2.

Sutton’s score is “above average” at 0.24 compared with the rest of the country (-0.03) according to the 2018 provisional results.

Below is a list of the schools in Sutton, with their Progress 8 score in brackets.

Government-labelled “special schools” have been omitted from this list while no results have been released for independents.

1. Nonsuch High School for Girls (1.21)

2. Wallington High School for Girls (1.04)

3. Wilson’s School (1.02)

4. Sutton Grammar School (0.83)

5. Wallington County Grammar School (0.81)

6. St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls (0.79)

7. Glenthorne High School (0.51)

8. Greenshaw High School (0.38)

9. Carshalton Boys Sports College (0.29)

10. Cheam High School (0.25)

11. Carshalton High School for Girls (-0.01)

12. The John Fisher School (-0.02)

13. Overton Grange School (-0.11)

14. Stanley Park High (-0.62)

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