Crystal Palace residents have slammed yet another London Development Agency (LDA) fiasco, after a public walk around the park to discuss its future was cancelled at the last moment.

The walk with the masterplanning team was due to take place at 1pm on Saturday as part of the Green Chain Walking Festival.

Earlier this month the Crystal Palace Park consultation team, who work for the LDA, sent out letters to residents, organisations and stakeholder telling them about the walk.

But the Streatham Guardian discovered the walk had been cancelled, with seemingly no notice to residents.

John Payne, chairman of the Crystal Palace Community Association (COCA), said: "This is yet another example of the LDA's incompetence."

Mr Payne said most of his group's 1,500 members planned to attend the walk. He added: "It's disgraceful - stakeholders were specifically notified this walk would take place."

Resident John Rix, from Sydenham Hill, said he had reorganised his weekend to be at the walk and accused Latz and the LDA of getting cold feet about facing the critics. "It's another example of the shambolic consultation by the LDA, which has cost us millions," he said.

A spokesman from the team said LDA-appointed architects Latz and Partners would host a similar walk for members of the press when the exhibition displaying plans for the park was launched instead. She said the public could see the plans at the exhibition, which will take place from October 18 to 31 at Crystal Palace station.

She added that a walk would be held on Saturday instead and apologised, saying the changes were not "an attempt to delude or deny the community any information".

She added the organisation's website would be updated to tell residents about the cancellation.

The LDA will submit its park masterplan to Bromley Council next month.