A wheelchair user stranded in her flat in Kingston says she was told she did not qualify to have her work capability assessment at home next month despite her condition.

Deborah Ray, of Caldecote Excelsior Close, has an appointment with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on November 1 regarding her employment and support allowance.

The 58 year-old, who lives in a first floor flat in a building with no lift, is physically unable to leave her flat without assistance.

She was just discharged from Queen’s Mary Hospital last month, where she received rehabilitative treatment after a surgery on her legs in May.

Ms Ray claims she was told by the DWP a taxi would take her to her appointment at the assessment centre in Wimbledon and that her benefits would be cut if she did not attend.

However, despite Ms Ray providing a signed letter from a doctor in St George’s Hospital’s attesting to her condition, she said she was told she did not qualify for a home assessment.

Nicola Morgan, who lives in Georgia, flew in from the US to care for her sister.

The 54-year-old said: "Since I live in the US, there’s no one. She’s on her own. She has a carer in tomorrow and they assist with her with her showers because her wheelchair won’t fit in the bath.

“I am doing all her house work and her cooking. Since I am going, who’s going to do that?”

But after Surrey Comet contacted the DWP, a spokesman has now confirmed a home visit will be arranged for Ms Ray.

The spokesman commented: “We want to ensure that every disabled person gets the right support that they need.

“We are very sorry for any confusion and can confirm a home visit will be arranged for Ms Ray.”