Mole Valley district councillors gathered last week to discuss the future of Headley Court, as question marks still hang over its future.

The 33 hectares site, which has been used as a military rehab centre for injured service men and women for nearly 70 years, was put up for sale last year.

The estate, situated near Epsom, between Leatherhead and Walton-on-the-Hill, contains a grade II listed mansion, two swimming pools, 56 semi detached houses, and a Green Belt site.

The MoD announced in July 2014 it would be moving to Stanford Hall Estate near Loughborough.

At a council meeting on October 9, councillors passed a two-part motion introduced by Liberal Democrat Cllr Margaret Cooksey over Headley Court’s future.

The first part of the motion called on the council to write to the Charity Commission to ask whether the Headley Court Trust is permitted to consider ‘community value’ when making the sale.

A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: “If successful, such clarification could open up serious consideration of a proposal to convert Headley Court to a civilian rehabilitation facility.

“This in turn could retain much of the expertise developed by Headley Court as a military operation.”

The second part of the motion called on the council to urge any future owner of Headley Court to bring existing houses on site for occupation.

Cllr Margaret Cooksey said: “I am delighted that the Council supported these initiatives.

“The complex planning status of the Green Belt site at Headley Court may well delay any redevelopment plans.

“The Council has demonstrated that it does not want perfectly usable houses to remain empty for however long that takes.”

Conservative Cllr Malcolm Ladell said: “Will the trust have any choice? They are required to sell it for the maximum amount they can get.

“It’s in the green belt. That restricts what can be built on it in any case. If somebody buys it and wants to do something with it and that has to go through Mole Valley district council.

“If housing is going to be built, a proportion of affordable housing would have to be built in any case.”

Cllr Vivienne Michael, Leader of Mole Valley District council, said: "The current owners of Headley Court are in the process of selling the site, which includes an extensive range of buildings.

"We recognise there is potential for a new owner to re-use some of those buildings and redevelop others.

"A number of the new structures are temporary buildings which were granted personal consent. This will need to be taken into account when considering any development proposal."