The delivery of the new bins across the borough is over according to the leader of Merton Council...but is that actually the case?

At a council meeting on Thursday last week (October 11), Councillor Stephen Alambritis addressed the room, stating that he had been "reassured that everyone now has their wheelie bins."

But not everyone seemed to agree with him.

People took to twitter to share their stories (or lack-there-of) for how the new bins had been delivered.

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"We haven't got ours," one person said two days after Mr Alambritis' speech. "But I don't want the ugly monstrosity."

"Our house of three flats was also delivered only one set of bins. We have requested one more set and were told the bins 'will get there when they get there'," another said on October 12.

Even councillors weren't buying it.

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"Simply not true," wrote councillor Nigel Benbow.

"Several residents in Abbey ward are still waiting for their wheelie bins.

"Yesterday, I had to chase the council to find out what's going on after a number of residents couldn't report 'missed' rubbish collection online. Appalling service."

A reporter for the Wimbledon Guardian even saw Veolia out and about on Saturday in Raynes Park, loaded with new bins set for delivery.

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