A Croydon bassist who played with some of rock's greats is making a comeback after regaining his hearing.

David Markee, 75, has spent an illustrious career playing bass for a host of world-famous artists such as Eric Clapton, The Who and The Rolling Stones.

But for the last four years he has suffered hearing loss, which affected his ability to play.

Now, thanks to new hearing aids, he has returned to the studio to record a new album.

David said: ‘My hearing loss affected my ability to play – I didn’t realise until recently when I was recording my new album that I couldn’t hear properly.

“It was so bad I had no option but to give up on my project.

“My ears earned me a living and having hearing loss as a musician can be deadly for your career if you don’t get it sorted.”

As hearing loss began to increasingly reduce his quality of life, not just preventing him from recording and performing but affecting his ability to communicate with others, David sought treatment from Hidden Hearing, a hearing care service, who provide a range of invisible aids.

His aids have significantly improved his hearing, bringing him back to his usual self and giving his musical career a new lease of life. 

David said: “My family and friends are incredibly happy that we can have proper conversations again that actually flow and make sense.

“It’s even the small things like answering the telephone and understanding what the person on the end of the line is saying that have made a big difference.

"I’m back recording my music again which is a fantastic feeling, I’ve even been offered a gig in Cannes later this year. Now I have my hearing back, I have a new-found confidence – the world is my oyster!"

David, who has a wife and three children, has played all over the world.

He toured with Eric Clapton for three years from 1979, recording a live album with the guitar great.

David feels his career definitely contributed to his hearing loss.

He added: "I had to play next to drummers and speakers which were incredibly loud.

"I once played in a concert at The Royal Albert Hall and the speaker was directly to the left of my ear – it was so loud!

"From my experience, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and the effects they may have on your hearing."

David encourages anyone in a similar position to seek help.

He said: “Hidden Hearing has been wonderful throughout the whole process. My audiologist Hannah who has looked after me has been exemplary and so kind.

“I want to encourage people to get their ears tested and understand you can get it dealt with, there’s no need to be miserable.”