Former Kingston Hospital patients, who wheeled a hospital bed around Kingston town centre last month, have raised over £2100 for the cardiology department.

Volunteers at Kingston Cardiac Support Trust said they raised over £2100 from their annual bed push, which occured on September 29.

The former patients were wearing blue scrubs donated by the hospital as they wheeled a hospital bed around Kingston through to the Marketplace to raise funds for new cardiology equipment.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “The volunteers pushing the bed ended the day with aching limbs and croaking voices.

“The event was a success with a total just in excess of £2100 being raised. The Trust would like to thank everyone for their support and generous donations.”

The charity raises funds for Kingston Hospital cardiology department to buy much needed medical equipment.

In recent times the trust has funded 24-hour tape and blood pressure monitors, ECG machines and software licenses for the cardiac ward to be able to review diagnostic results online.