The Kingston neighbourhoods with the highest number of ‘green points’ from the council for taking part in recycling activities throughout the year have been revealed.

Residents south of the borough earned the highest number of green points from Kingston council, followed by Surbiton and Maldens and Coombe.

Each year, £4,740 is given to Kingston charities, voted for by the three neighbourhoods who have earned the most green points in recycling activities throughout the year.

Residents south of the borough chose to give their £2,250 share of the donation pot to Love Kingston to support the changing needs of Kingston communities.

In Surbiton, residents donated their £1,500 share to EnhanceAble to support those living with disabilities in the borough.

Maldens and Coombe gave the remaining £1,000 to Kingston Women’s Centre, to aid the provision of affordable counselling to women on low incomes.

Kingston council’s recycling rewards scheme is meant to encourage residents to limit waste and save on the amount of money spent on processing non-recyclable waste rewards.

Each year, 15,000 flats in the borough are awarded ‘green points’ for taking part in different activities and for recycling more as a neighbourhood, compared to the previous year.

Activities include avoiding single use plastics, reporting their household’s weekly recycling, reduce food waste and donate clothes to local charity shops.

Cllr Hilary Gander, portfolio holder for environment and sustainable transport, said: “It’s great to see the cumulative impact of resident’s everyday actions having such a positive impact on their local community as well as the environment.

“We are proud to have this scheme and hope more London boroughs can get on board with this effective initiative.”

The cheque presentation took place on Tuesday, September 25.