A local Cloud Backup business in Richmond has been selected by Hull City Football Club to backup its data over a long term time period. Backup Everything one of the UK’s fastest growing cloud backup companies with over 1000 customers was given the go ahead by Hull City FC, from The Championship, to protect its data.

“The service and solution are our key indicators when we choose suppliers in our regular review, not only backup, said Martin Conley, IT Manager of Hull City. Backup Everything are one of the few cloud backup vendors going in the right direction in terms of growth, whilst others are fading away. Their independent PC PRO review also gave us confidence in the overall selection process and we are pleased to be associated with them for the foreseeable future”.

The business backs up the clubs physical and virtual environment so in the event of a disaster such as a flood or fire, important files can be recovered from the 2 UK Data Centres where Backup Everything stores its customer data, all complying with GDPR regulations.

Saaher Muzafer, MD of Backup Everything, “Naturally we are delighted that we are now part of the Hull City FC family and are helping them backup their data. We can never take for granted that nothing will happen so it is important that security measures are in place just in case the worst does and we can get our files back easily”.

Richmond has many sports clubs either independently or via its vast school network with many kids and adults competing for prizes or doing it for wellbeing purposes. To have a local business support a well-known global brand from the heart of Richmond is seen as a great lift to the area. This gives encouragement that businesses in Richmond can attract customers no matter where they are located or the size of them.

The automatic process of backups taking place at a scheduled time set by the user on their server or PC means that the whole solution is a “set and forget” approach with a simple to use software for all. Remote support and telephone assistance is on hand by Backup Everything to help anyone setup should they need it.

Customers can also create local and cloud backups, so like Hull City FC, data can be restored from the local copy if needed or can be done from the data centre, all using the straight forward dashboard application.

“The key point in cloud backup is to keep the message simple”, adds Saaher. We all have apps, so it is a case of installing the app (software) on a Server or PC, select the files and away you go. It takes a few mins to setup and you can drill down to actually what you want to backup via a tick box screen”.

For more info, please visit www.backupeverything.co.uk