Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has agreed to introduce a new £2 parking tariff for blue badge holders, starting in January 2019.

The trust has announced today (October 10) the reduced charged for blue badge holders will be introduced on January 7, 2019.

The trust had introduced the charges in January of this year and was subject to widespread criticism from local residents.

Charges were dropped on May 17, after it was agreed there would be a review into the decision after three months.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “The revised blue badge holder car parking process will require a fair amount of organisation to set up.

“Until this has been completed the trust will maintain the current suspension of charges for blue badge holders.

“The trust will be communicating with patients and visitors in plenty of time prior to the launch to ensure that it is widely known and understood.”

Cllr Rowena Bass said: “I am delighted that hospital directors responded to our request for a formal review of the controversial parking charges

“Whilst they have not followed our request to remove the charges completely, they have taken on one of our recommendations to install a cap on daily charges of £2.”