Narrowed down from more than 10,000 heritage sites across England, Mitcham Cricket Green could soon become the nation's favourite conservation area.

In an effort to "raise awareness of the importance" of these areas, Civic Voice started a competition to find the most prestigious site about and now the finalists have been announced.

This 18-strong list included the Mitcham Cricket Green conservation area.

This news was much to the delight of Tony Burton, secretary of civic society Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage who encouraged people to show their pride and vote it to the top.

"What makes Cricket Green special is that it isn't a chocolate box conservation area," he said.

"Our heritage is second to none, including the oldest cricket ground in the world, but we are also a conservation area with a diverse and thriving community where the past contributes to the future.

"We are already pleased to have been nominated among the top 18 conservation areas in the country and now is the time to vote for Cricket Green to be England's favourite. It will make us all proud and we need people to click on the heart on the photo with all the people in it."

Voting closes on Tuesday, October 16 at 5pm and the results will be announced later that week.

To vote for Mitcham Cricket Green, follow this link and click on the heart at the top.