A temporary Christmas store has opened its doors ahead of the festive season in Sutton High Street.

The shop, titled ‘It’s Christmas’, is selling a range of products – from accessories, to decorations, trees, bags, and boxes - as it opened on October 6.

Images inside show some of what is available as it’s said several people were working up to 12 hour days over the past month helping put it all together.

There are approximately up to 1,200 items available in the store, including 46 different colours of tinsel and various festive bags and boxes.

Passers-by have been stopping in the street and peering through the windows as the store opens in the run-up to December 25.

Your Local Guardian:

Paul Jones, who is one of the store's supervisors, hopes the store will bring "variety" and the "happiness that Christmas brings".

He said: “We get a lot of customers coming in here that just love the shop. They'll come in every single day until Christmas because they get a happy feel from it.

“It's something to look forward to. It's a nice thing, Christmas. People sometimes criticise us because they blame us for commercialisation of Christmas, but if commercialisation brings happiness and togetherness for families and for people then it's got to be a good thing."

He was asked why the store is opening now and he believes "there's a market for it" in the run-up to the festive holidays.

The store supervisor added: "We don't normally come in this early, we normally come in at the end of October, but each year it's become earlier and earlier.

“Ideally, we would like to open in November - which would give people a better perspective - but timescales don't allow you to do that because 'pop-up' doesn't actually mean 'pop-up'.

“I think it's a general consensus that they call these stores 'pop-ups' but, at the level that we do it at, it's slightly more than 'pop-up' because of the amount of man hours and work that has to go in for a small company.”

He also told of the response the store has had, which he described as “mixed” – from some people being “excited” to others saying it’s “too early”.

Your Local Guardian:

Mr Jones added: “I like to speak to these people and say to them, 'It's not too early for Christmas'. My Christmas starts on January 4 because we start to put it together for the next year.

“It's a whole year's project, it's not something that just appears and then disappears.

“We like it. We like the idea that it brings people together."