The mum who filmed the foul-mouthed row which broke out at a cinema says incidents like that put her off letting her son outside.

Leah Williams recorded footage of a group of teenagers surrounding a member of security in Empire Cinema at the St Nicholas Centre in St Nicholas Way.

The man was allegedly assaulted, as he was repeatedly heard saying “why is he kicking me?”, amid shouting and swearing in the argument.

One of the youths frequently said “come outside” during the clip, before adding “f***ing idiot”.

Though security tried to defuse the situation, saying “listen, you can’t kick me”, the teenager retaliated with “don’t touch me”.

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Leah, who was watching Hollywood blockbuster film Night School with her son before the commotion broke out on September 30, feels it’s an ongoing problem.

She said: “I just wanted a chilled Sunday with my son and it was ruined by teens who were unable to behave properly.

“It was sad to see how they spoke to the staff and those in authority.

“Lately, there has been lots of trouble in Sutton with big groups causing trouble in the high street and cinemas.

“Makes me not want to let my son out, it’s a shame that kids behave like this.

“When things get taken away from the younger generation they will act like they have no clue why.”

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St Nicholas Centre in St Nicholas Way. Photo: Google Maps / Street View

The counsellor claimed her son suffered a panic attack before they both walked out, as police were called to the cinema.

At the time of publishing, her Facebook video has received more than 11,000 views and nearly 100 comments.

Several users expressed their shock and dismay after seeing the clip.

One wrote: “Wow that is disgusting behaviour! I have witnessed a few things with kids this age a lot lately around Sutton.”

Another user commented: “Disgusting. They need immediate redirection in their lives.”

A Sutton police spokesman said police were called to a report of anti-social behaviour by the alleged group of youths at the cinema but, 10 minutes after officers arrived, they were no longer there.

There was no crime committed, according to the force, nor was there an investigation launched into the incident.

When asked about alleged incidents of anti-social behaviour in Sutton, more specifically within the town centre area, he added: "Sutton is one of the safest places in London and our dedicated anti-social behaviour unit and local neighbourhood policing teams are there to respond to, and investigate, reports of ASB that helps to keep Sutton safe and will problem solve with our partners to resolve long-term issues."