Bus companies are informed of diversion routes, councillors were assured as roadworks continued in Claygate this week.

Residents said improvements to the Hare Lane last week were noisy and being carried out late at night and fears were raised this week of the village being cut off as planned works started in Oaken Lane.

But Cllr Mike Bennison insisted the improvements and resurfacing was much needed and the timings and days were planned to do as little disruption as possible.

Mark Sugden asked members of Surrey County Council and Elmbridge Borough Council Local Committee on Monday, September 23, how much notification was given to bus companies and schools in the area.  

He said there would be no buses in Claygate for the duration of this week’s works on Oaken Lane.

Cllr Mary Marshall said with only two main routes in and out of Claygate, it could cut people off for a few days.

SCC highways manager Nick Healey assured councillors that bus companies are informed of road works and then it is up to them if they want to adapt their services to fit around the works.

He said the works this week would be set to a 9.30am-4pm timetable to not affect peak hours and that schools are notified if they are in the immediate area.

Cllr Mike Bennison said the roadworks in Hare Lane had been needed for a number of years and the work at night was to cause as little disruption as possible.

The works this week, he said, in Oaken Lane were also long overdue with lots of repairs needed to the road.

He said: “I have been trying to get that road done for eight years. I have had everybody in the world on to me to get it done. I cannot ask the officers not to do it because I wanted that done. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

Cllr Bennison delivered parts of Elm Road to a meeting earlier this year in frustration no work was being done to repair loose stones and uneven surfaces.

Mr Healey said Elm Road would now be repaired this financial year.

The committee also agreed to pay for bollards at the end of Sunbury Lane near the river Thames in Walton after it was discovered Surrey County Council had no record that a traffic regulation order was made at the time they were installed making them unlawful.

Highways officers would have had to remove the bollards unless the committee agreed to source funding which it did based on the amount of problems they have had with traveller encampments in the area.