A petition calling for the cat killer investigation to be re-opened has reached 20,000 signatures in just four days.

Last Thursday the Met announced they would be closing their near three year-long investigation into the supposed killer, having concluded the suspicious deaths could be explained by wildlife, most likely foxes, scavenging road-kill.

The announcement sparked a backlash from disbelieving animal lovers, who insist the deaths can only be explained by human involvement.

Vinnii West, who started the petition, said: “Animals are being killed by blunt forces, and a clean cut. Surely the ‘animals’ killing them, would have teeth marks?

“I’ve started the petition because we need the metro to open the case again and to keep looking to find this disgusting person. There’s no way that they were killed by other animals! Please sign it!

“The families need to know we’re behind them and willing to do anything to help them find this person.”

Hundreds of commenters claim that the number of deaths and nature of the violence must have been the work of a serial killer.

Jill Beresford said: “I don't think foxes carry a knife and make a clean cut.

“This maniac has to be caught. These animals are people’s families.”

Angela Adam added: “It is impossible to account for such devastating injuries to cats in the way that the police have.

“It is possible that a few cats may have died in this way, but somewhat cynically, I believe that the decision to close this case is purely for financial reasons.”

Some have questioned why the police took so long to reach the conclusion they did.

Fran Kennedy said: “The decision to attribute the deaths to traffic and foxes after 3 years is ridiculous, if that were the case the injuries would have been identified when the animals were found.

“Perhaps the police will take it more seriously when whoever is responsible has moved on to people?"

South Norwood Animal Rescue Liberty (SNARL), a local rescue charity who played a central role in the police’s investigation, has vowed to continue investigating independently of the Met, rubbishing the theory that the death and mutilation could be explained by car-collisions and scavenging foxes. 

You can view the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/metropolitan-police-croydon-cat-killer