A group of students from Trinity School, Croydon, successfully completed a 21-mile relay swim of the English Channel last week.

Raising money for Crisis, Scleroderma (a chronic disease) and Raynaud’s UK, the team swam for 14 hours and 8 minutes from Dover to France.

Niamh Singleton, Funmi Morgan, Will Perry, Tate Nicol, Sarah Rogers and Adam Eastlake trained in cold water, including lakes, open air pools and beaches, in preparation for tackling one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Speaking about the group’s challenge, Tim Strange, Trinity’s head of art and challenge leader, said: “Our swimmers demonstrated exceptional focus and dedication.

“Swimming the English Channel is such a mammoth swim and is known across the world as one of the hardest open water swims.

“Our swimmers prepared themselves well for the challenge and we are all incredibly proud.”

The group had been sea training since May, using every weekend in July and August to prepare themselves for the challenge, even training at night to familiarise themselves with the conditions they would face.

Their swim started at 10.30pm and continued until 1pm the following day.

The team have a target of £5,000, raising over £3,300 so far.

To make a donation visit: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/trinityschool01