A former Sutton Council head who earned more than £169,000-per-year in his post has been officially confirmed into his new role at Hounslow Council.

Niall Bolger quit his job as the borough’s chief executive to assume the same position at another authority over in west London.

It was this week (September 18) that he was officially appointed as Hounslow Council’s new head at a full meeting following a recommendation by their members appointments panel.

Staff were informed of the news earlier this month in a message which was seen by Sutton Guardian.

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Cllr Curran said: “I am delighted to inform you that, following our final interview panel held on Tuesday (September 4), we have appointed Niall Bolger as our new chief executive.

“This was a unanimous decision made by the panel, and subject to ratification at the borough council meeting on September 18.

“As soon as I have agreed Niall’s start date, I will let you know.”

Documents published ahead of the meeting said Mr Bolger “will be paid on the current CEX salary range”, though how much he will earn has not yet been disclosed.

It comes as the former Sutton Council chief executive’s predecessor, Mary Harpley, quit to become the Greater London Authority’s chief officer in May this year.

She held her post for more than seven years before assuming the new role this month.

According to Hounslow Council’s open data scheme, her salary ranged from £168,141 to £184,462 with an employer’s pension contribution of £40,976.