Police in Croydon are working to remove posters in the town centre which say it is illegal to take selfies on trams.

Officers tweeted via the Met Police's Croydon Town Centre account to say the posters were "not real or true".

Pictures of two posters were uploaded alongside the statement, one appearing to warn people that taking selfies on trams is illegal, the other suggesting "Cronx" art tours are illegal.

Both posters suggest you "could be arrested, fined and/or imprisoned under anti-terror laws" for breaching the supposed laws.

The posters then appeared to poke fun at police by adding "or our general modus operandi that if we don't understand it we'll shut it down anyway just in case".

The statement from Croydon Police read: "We are aware of these posters that are in the Croydon Town Centre, despite what some people think they are NOT real or true or in any way endorsed by the MPS.

"We are working with the council to get them removed."