A group of Battersea residents took part in a ‘plog’ on September 18.

A plog is a mixture of running and walking whilst picking up rubbish. 49 people of all ages met in Battersea Park to take part.

There were three routes on offer by volunteer movement Plog-olution . There was a four-mile plog ran down the river towards Vauxhall Bridge and back over Chelsea Bridge, a two-mile route headed to the shoreline of the River Thames for a clean-up and a one-mile route walked around Battersea Park.

Over 100 bags of rubbish were picked up in total, much of which could be recycled. As expected many plastic bottles were found as well as beer cans, crisp packets, sanitary products and even a discarded sex toy down on the shoreline.

Plog-olution has more plogs planned including in Putney and Wimbledon Common on the evening of October 1.

Plog-olution will also be kayaking the River Wandle with a small team in the next few weeks to pick up rubbish and an ‘ultra plog’ is planned in 2019, which will run the length of the Thames (184 miles) in 6 days.

More information can be found on bit.ly/putneyplog.