Earlier this year a team of St George’s surgeons rebuilt Dr Libby Keating’s face after she was severely injured while out riding her horse.

Dr Keating, 38, suffered multiple face fractures – including cheek bones, eye sockets, nose and upper jaw.

She will talk about her accident and recovery at St George’s Annual Members’ Meeting on Thursday, September 27.

Her surgery involved nine surgeons and theatre staff, who used 41 screws and 11 plates to rebuild the centre of Libby’s face, which had collapsed under the weight of the horse’s hoof.

Every bone between her palate and eye sockets was broken, and Mr Nick Hyde, one of St George’s Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeons, led the 10-hour operation to rebuild her face.

Libby said: “The impact basically crushed the middle of my face backwards. I was incredibly lucky – both to have been discovered by passers-by, but also to be brought to St George’s, which has so many specialists in one place.”

As well as hearing from Libby, the Annual Members’ Meeting is an opportunity to gear about the progress the Trust made in 2017/18, be part of St George’s NHS 70 celebrations, meet the Trust’s Governors and put questions to the board.

The event takes place on Thursday, September 27 at Monckton Lecture Theatre on the ground floor of the Grosvenor Wing at St George’s Hospital. Refreshment and stand start from 5:30 pm and the meeting will run from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.