Two senior tennis coaches at an international training centre in Sutton have quit within the space of a week – prompting concerns from players and parents.

Shaun Malcom and Jamie Feaver, formerly the head and deputy coaches on a programme at Sutton Tennis Academy in Rosehill Park, left this summer.

But the news caused the schedule to be delayed by a week, until September 10, and potentially means some players may have to look elsewhere as the new term begins.

Clare Parnham, whose son is among the attendees, said: “It all built up to a head and, in the same week, the two top coaches resigned.

“The head coach told us that he just couldn't get a team together on the rates of pay that GLL were providing.

“All the players there are currently really considering what else they can do.

“They're looking at other academies but there's nothing like it in Surrey.”

Sutton Tennis Academy, which opened in 1991, is England’s first and only indoor junior tennis centre according to Sutton Council.

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), the national governing body for tennis, describes it as an international training centre located in south-west London.

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) helps to run and maintain sports various programmes at the centre – including tennis, from children aged three all the way to adults.

An email sent to players and parents, seen by Sutton Guardian, announced the two coaches’ decisions to leave.

A further email then announced the appointment of Francois Laffont as performance tennis coach in a lead role, as well as Josh Towers and Andy Jeffrey.

In addition, morning or daytime sessions for Cheam High School pupils in the programme are no longer being provided.

However, children can use an after-school bus run if they are training in a squad that day.

Clare, whose 15-year-old son has been attending Sutton Tennis Academy since he was nine, says he is “upset” and “distressed” by the current situation.

She added: “We still think there's hope, we haven't given up, but we want GLL to listen and they're not listening.

"They won't talk to us. We've asked for an appointment but all they will say is that when they have something to tell us they will tell us via a group email.”

A GLL spokesman apologised for the delayed start of the programme by a week while two coaching positions were filled on the team of “highly qualified staff”.

He added: “Broadening our programme offer and facilities – including our new trampoline park – helps us meet our goal of getting more people active more often.

“The current big investment in Sutton Sports Village includes our new tennis dome, which expands our indoor all-year offer and ensures the delivery of our tennis programme for future generations of players.”

The LTA has not responded to approaches for further comment.