Croydon Park Hotel has confirmed it is open as usual following reports of a potential sale.

Reports have appeared in the press regarding the potential sale of the freehold interest in the last week.

Speaking on behalf of the operating company, CEO Andrew O’Neill pointed out the company has been operating the Croydon Park hotel successfully since 2005 (with the exception of 1 year) and has become an integral part of the group’s infrastructure and business model: “The sale of the Freehold of the hotel is a welcome sale, however the sale doesn’t affect the incumbent lease holder or operating company and they will continue to control the trade of the business", meaning its business as usual for customers and staff at the Hotel.

“We have been operating the Croydon Park Hotel for nearly 12 years now and have seen the property changed ownership 3 times over this period, we have had a good working relationship with all investors and we expect it to be no different this time once the sale is complete”

"The success the business has achieved over many years now is completely dependent on the loyalty of the customers and the local team at the hotel and we want to reassure them that the business isn’t effected by the freehold sale and the property continues to trade as normal and employee some 110 staff."