A little girl from New Malden was “ecstatic” when she saw a letter addressed to her from the Queen’s holiday home in Scotland in the post yesterday (September 10).

Ruby Cooper wrote a letter to The Queen a couple of months ago to congratulate her for doing a good job.

The 7-year-old, who lost her mum to suicide in November 2016, wrote to the Queen that her mum was in heaven and that she missed her.

Ruby’s dad Sean, 51, said: “We told the Queen that she had lost her mum.

“Ruby wanted to say she had done well in school and that she thinks the Queen is a good Queen.”

The New Malden dad said Ruby kept checking the post to see if she had got a reply from Buckingham Palace and was “ecstatic” when she saw the letter yesterday.

Mr Cooper said he had been shocked to see the reply from Balmoral Castle because he had not expected to get a reply.

The letter, signed by The Queen’s lady-in-waiting Mary Morrison, reads: “Dear Ruby, The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter.

“Her Majesty thought it so kind of you to write to her, and although, unable to reply personally to the great many letters she receives each day, The Queen much appreciated the nice things you said.”

Mr Cooper said his daughter was thinking of writing a letter to President Donald Trump next. He added: “She likes him and thinks he’s like a cartoon character”.