A one person, comedy spoken word show combining videogames and Shakespeare is coming to Croydon next month.

Super Hamlet 64, written and performed by Edward/Edalia Day, is a version of Hamlet rewritten using only quotes from videogames.

It will be performed at Heart of Gaming, an amusement arcade in the Whitgift Centre, on Friday October 19.

Edward/Edalia said: “Hamlet is about a boy struggling to cope with death. Videogames are a medium where you die a million times but never truly.”

They began writing the play 3 years ago, playing videogames for 400 hours as part of the process.

The surreal performance includes "singing ghosts, philosophical zombie shootouts, and an epic boss battle between a Samurai word wielding Ophelia and a giant mechanical beast."

The Croydon performance is the final date of a 2018 tour.

Edward/Edalia is a trans/non-binary spoken word artist, animator and theatre maker based in Norwich.

Tickets are available for £10 at www.edwardday.co.uk