What is the weirdest thing you have ever done to raise money for charity?

If you didn't say cover yourself in marmalade and Rollerblade the length of the Bakerloo line, then Helen Brannigan has you beat.

Last year the Wimbledon teacher accomplished that interesting feat and raised £1000 for a school she had set up in an Athens refugee camp.

She said the 'Marmablade' was as strenuous as it was delicious.

"It was more gruelling than anticipated and took over six hours," she said.

"I almost came to a sticky end.

"I had very cheap roller-blades, which made my journey much more difficult and strenuous than a walk, and at roughly the same pace.

"Marmalade glued my eye shut and my limbs together but I didn't let that reduce my zest for the challenge, and I eventually peeled myself apart and collapsed in a heap at Elephant and Castle."

Now that creativity and kind-heartedness is being recognised on the biggest stage.

The annual JustGiving awards were recently launched and Helen's effort made the final cut.

She is one of three people nominated for 'Creative Fundraiser of the Year'.

To view all the nominations or vote for Helen, click here.