A Waddon girl surprised even herself when she found out just how smart she was.

Sanjna Madan, 11, achieved the highest possible score in a Mensa IQ test recently, even surpassing that of famed scientists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

She was surprised by scoring 162 on the Cattell III B paper of the test and qualified to become member of Mensa, the High IQ Society.

“I was feeling nervous before the test as I did not know how difficult it might be or how many questions will be there,” Sanjna said.

“While taking the test I thought that time went by quickly and the questions were mainly non-verbal and had to do them quickly.”

But more importantly than anything else for the Wallington Grammar School student was that she beat her brother's score.

“When I received the result it was a relief that I passed and was so excited to know the score," she said.

"When I came to know that my score was amongst the highest I was over the moon."