Susannah Townsend may have an Olympic gold medal under her belt, but she proved you're never old too accomplished to get back into grass roots hockey.

She joined in the celebrations with the Kenley Hockey Club’s 50th anniversary where dozens showed their support in what was a day to remember.

Invited to open the event, the dynamic midfielder was initially surprised to find games were to be played on Kenley’s remaining grass pitch, rather than the usual astroturf.

Having admitted that she had never played on grass in her life, she was persuaded to join in for the 'Chairmen’s Challenge' matches.

Happy to pose for photographs and offer encouragement to the younger members, she was candid in her responses in a question and answer session and went on to say that, following the recent disappointment of the GB campaign in the World Cup, the friendly atmosphere of the day had reminded her of the reasons she chose to play a team sport and what it is really all about.