The future of an old and “derelict” Sutton High Street pub which closed down during 2015 continues to remain uncertain.

Developers have at least twice tried to knock down the Prince Regent since it called its last-ever orders, while some are intent on preserving it.

Sutton Council was urged to be “more proactive” and bring it “back into use” at a committee meeting – whether as a pub or otherwise.

But Cllr Steve Penneck cited problems in discussing plans for going forward with the site’s owners Mizen.

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At the Sutton Local Committee meeting, on September 6, he said: “I know there have been discussions with Mizen between the planning officers about various applications they've put in for the Prince Regent, and they haven't always been the most receptive.

“This isn't going to be an easy thing, I don't think, but we have to accept that there will be some redevelopment of along there.

“It's probably better that we try to negotiate a redevelopment that would also be acceptable to the community.

“But that may take some while and it depends essentially on what the response from Mizen would be.”

The Prince Regent has been at the centre of significant interest - both from developers and members of the public - since it shut during 2015.

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While former regulars George and Margaret Potter previously lobbied against plans to knock it down to build flats, the latest proposals were thrown out in April over insufficient "affordable housing".

However, given the old boozer has sat dormant for a while, some have urged for something to be done sooner rather than later.

Cllr Penneck, of the Sutton North ward, added: “If Prince Regent has to go then could we have something that provides some kind of restaurant, bistro, pub-type facility, which respects the heritage of the site but actually is something which will be in active use rather than just sitting there derelict like it is at the moment?

“I know there's a lot of public interest in preserving the Prince Regent as far as we can, but I just wonder now if we've got to the stage where having a more proactive stance in discussions with developers along there might come up with something more beneficial.”