Bids for the lease of a Victorian theatre have been whittled down to just three as a decision on its future will be made soon.

More than 10 bids for the Charles Cryer Theatre, in Carshalton High Street, were made in May but now just three remain.

They will now undergo the "final round of scrutiny" as presentations will be given prior to a verdict, scheduled for a strategy and resources committee meeting on October 29.

Cllr Steve Penneck, the council’s lead member for arts and culture, said: “It’s really positive news that the wide range of interest at the start has led to these three strong proposals.

“The final stages of the process should enable us to bring the Cryer back into use as soon as possible.”

The Charles Cryer Theatre was first built as a public hall in 1874 before being used as a roller skating rink and cinema for nearly 40 years, according to the Sutton Theatres Trust’s website.

It was then rebuilt and reopened as a studio theatre by Prince Edward 1991 and has undergone several refurbishment projects since then.

However, after Sutton Theatres Trust took over its management on a 10-year lease in January 2015, it subsequently collapsed into administration during August the following year.

Below is a list of the three shortlisted proposals left:

- Carshalton Baptist Church

Who they are: a Christian organisation wanting to become a “visible, accessible and supportive” resource in the Carshalton community

What they want to do: Use the Charles Cryer as a church and community café.

They also want to use it for the training and development of residents, as well as offer space to be used by community groups.

It would also be a rehearsal and performance space for local artists, musicians, and theatre groups.

Carshalton Baptist Church also want to run activities and services which are “extended to the community” – this includes parents, toddlers, youth clubs, counselling, and support groups for the elderly and carers.

- Cryer Arts Limited

Who they are: A startup which formed for the bid by founders with experience in running construction, leisure, and the entertainment business.

What they want to do: Use the Charles Cryer for “mixed events” – including music, film, theatre, comedy, food and drink tasting, as well as TED-type talks.

There would also be a new bar and eating space within the existing restaurant.

- The Cryer Collective

Who they are: A partnership bid by three organisations – Nickel Support, Tom Franck Productions, and Spilt Milk Kids Café.

What they want to do: Use the Charles Cryer for an annual arts festival, theatre productions, and workshops.

They also want to use it as a centre for developing enterprises, both managed and run by trainees with learning disabilities.

A shop would also open which sells upcycled furniture made by trainees.

The other two bids which did not make the final three were from Caliburn Fitness and Strengthening and Victory Bible Church International Limited.

Caliburn Fitness and Strengthening aimed to use the Cryer as a Crossfit gym and crèche café that would be “health-focused” and accessible to non-members.

Meanwhile, Victory Bible Church International Limited wanted to use it as a church for social and community activities.