A Sutton Liberal Democrat councillor has suffered a stroke while on holiday abroad, according to the council leader.

Wallington North ward Cllr Joyce Melican is recovering well following the incident which was confirmed by Cllr Ruth Dombey.

She said: “As it is still early days, it’s not yet known when she will be able to return to her council work. Everyone at the council sends their best wishes to Joyce for a continued recovery.

“In exceptional circumstances, such as ill health, councillors are allowed up to six months without attending council meetings.

“In the meantime, residents in Wallington North Ward can contact Joyce’s two colleagues – [councillors] Sunita Gordon and Marian James – about any local issues, and colleagues are covering all Joyce’s council committee meetings.

“I am sure that everyone’s thoughts are with Joyce right now and we should all give her the time and space to recover that she deserves.”

Cllr Joyce Melican, who is chair of the Beddington and Wallington Local Committee, was first elected to the council in May 2010.