People have been urged to join the organ donor register after a drop in those on the list in Croydon was revealed.

latest figures from NHS Blood and Transplant show that the number of people in the borough on the donor list has fallen from 103,798 in 2017 to 101,636 this year.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is asking people to sign up and possibly save a life.

Dr Nnenna Osuji, medical director at CHS said: “Over the last ten years twenty patients in Croydon have, between them, donated 57 organs to people whose health or lives were at risk.

"Every one of those patients is a hero. We are very thankful.

“We want to reverse the current trend in registered donors in Croydon so that more people can be saved.

“Croydon’s population is quite fluid and we hope new donors will include people moving into the area. Amid such local diversity, it is important we remind people that all major religions support organ donation and that our Trust has a great multi-faith chaplaincy with strong ties to local faith groups."

To join the NHS Organ Donor Register, you can click here.