A mum was left "shaken" when her three-year-old son was injured after being bitten on his mouth by a dog in Sutton High Street.

Dre, who needed stitches above and below his lips and around the side of his face, was taken to hospital following the incident on August 21.

While his mother Amina Galaky believes it was a “bad accident” and a “horrible situation”, she has praised the emergency services who rushed to the scene.

They were out shopping before Dre went over to stroke two dogs who were tied up to a post near McDonald’s and shoe retailer Deichmann.

She said: “I didn’t see it because I was sorting my bags out on the floor, and my friend shouted to me and said, ‘He’s gone over to those two dogs. I don’t trust him, go and get him'.

“I've taken two steps and the dog lunged at his face, had hold of his lip, shook him, and pulled him down to the floor.

“I picked him and I could see his lip was wide open and gushing with blood.

“To be fair, the emergency services were quite quick. The ambulance came straight away and police were there as well.

“He's had stitches on the inside of his lip, the outside of his lip, got puncture wounds on the side of his face and they had to stitch that up as well.”

Your Local Guardian:

Photo: Amina Galaky

A Met Police spokesman confirmed they were called to the incident, while two dogs were seized by officers at the scene.

A London Ambulance Service spokeswoman confirmed an ambulance crew was sent to the scene alongside a single responder in a car, while Dre was taken to hospital.

Amina said the owner was apparently inside McDonald’s purchasing a drink at the time, but she was also helped by two people in particular.

She added: “When I had hold of him I was standing on the high street saying, 'What do I do now?' Luckily enough a medic came to me and said, 'I'm a medic, can I help you?'

“She took me into McDonald's and, as I've gone in, she was shouting, 'Move out the way, there's been an accident. Can someone call an ambulance?'

“As I was going in, there was another lady who just finished up her meal and she said, 'I'm a paramedic, do you mind if I come with you?'

“She took Dre off of me, started cleaning him up, and I was just standing there shaking as if I was having a fit.

“They wanted to give me water but I wasn't interested. I was just concerned about my son.”

Your Local Guardian:

Photo: Amina Galaky

Dre has been left "frightened" by the incident but his mum insists that it was a "bad situation" with "bad timing", while he will be more cautious from now on.

Amina said: "He's definitely got to ask [whether he can pet an owner's dog] but he's a three-year-old boy. He's young. He doesn't understand the concept of it all yet.

"It was a bad accident that just happened and, hopefully, everyone can learn from this situation. To just be more aware what your children are doing around dogs."

Although she didn't get the names of the two people in particular who rushed to her aid, she has thanked them for their assistance.