The "main part" of a Shirley pub built more than 150 years ago will be retained according to a recently submitted planning application.

Developers are hoping to build 20 flats at the back of the Sandrock Pub and said that the part dating from 1867 will be retained, repaired and refurbished.

"The scheme represents an opportunity to redevelop a rare windfall site to provide much needed residential accommodation in Shirley, whilst keeping a locally listed public house in use." the application said.

As part of the development, a two storey extension will be made to the pub and a two/three storey building will be erected to the rear of the pub.

The building, which closed recently, has a very interesting history to it, which was all detailed in the application.

During the 1880s there were "complaints about the rowdiness of day-trippers" and the "beautiful Shirley Hills, which had been purchased by the Local Board for the inhabitants of Croydon, had been improperly used’ (particularly so on Sundays)."

"The complaints reported ‘excessive drinking, dancing and singing in the road, courting more than one lady at a time, wearing false noses, exchanging head-gear with those of the opposite sex, “chaffing” the passers-by, and bringing home branches from trees’.

It was also claimed that at one point, more than 1000 were at the pub.

But it isn't just a few weird complaints that gave the pub some notoriety.

More recently, the book, Paranormal Surrey, revealed how this pub is "reputedly home to a phantom preacher and strange orbs of light had been spotted there."