Concerns have been raised about rubbish left strewn around the dog-free picnic area of Nonsuch Park, after a group of travellers left the site.

Photos reveal a debris of fly-tipped waste including broken glass, rotting food, soiled nappies, tires and household rubbish.

Your Local Guardian:

Epsom and Ewell council removed the unauthorised encampment from Nonsuch Park yesterday, with help from Surrey Police.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Our park team are assessing the fly tipping on the site.

"We may be able to determine where this originated.

“We will endeavour to remove the fly tipped material as soon as possible (weather dependent).”

In a post on Facebook, Richard Johnson, 47, an office manager in Worcester Park, wrote: “Perhaps the worst aspect is that Epsom & Ewell council had gone to the trouble of providing numerous wheelie bins for the travellers' convenience.

“And yet, much of the detritus has been thoughtlessly discarded, often within spitting distance of at least one of the many bins. As I left, crows were descending to busily sift through the refuse 'carpet'.

“For now, I would advise that the picnic area is best avoided until cleared.”