Police in Sutton are investigating after four cats suspiciously disappeared from a small cattery at a home in Wallington.

Officers were called to Sam’s Place, in Crichton Avenue, off Demesne Road, to reports of a burglary between 8pm on August 8 and 7.30am on August 9.

Owner Jean Nichols found her locked garage door open when she went to check this morning – only to find four out of six cats staying there had gone missing.

She went into the garden to discover all the doors “wide open” and, after initially believing she was burgled, now thinks someone might have deliberately opened the doors.

A plea made on Facebook today by Stepping Stones Rescue reads: “Last night [Sam’s Place] was broken into, pens opened and four of the cats have gone missing.

“Whether stolen or just let out we don’t know. Two were still in their pens.”

Two of the four are sisters, aged six years old – one is a white shorthaired tabby and the other is a tabby tort which has a hyperthyroid and needs medication.

Another is a six-year-old shorthaired female cat and another is a 14-year-old male British lilac that is “used to being indoors”.

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A Met Police spokeswoman said no arrests have been made at this stage while enquiries are underway to trace the cats.