Lager swilling wasps have Britain under attack as it is revealed they get angry when drunk on boozy beverages.

It is rumoured that because we had such a cold winter earlier this year, wasps were able to build massive nests, but this also means they haven’t got as much food.

Therefore they are out looking for whatever they can get their tiny hands on, meaning tiny doses of alcohol are more likely to make wasps irritable.

Shane Jones, owner of Ridtek Pest Control said that because of the cold winter, the wasp season has started six weeks early.

He said: “'Wasps have built absolutely massive nests and, now that all the larvae have grown up and the queen has stopped laying eggs, the colonies have a workforce with nothing to do – and nothing to eat. So they go down to the pub, obviously.

“Wasps can't handle their booze, so they get tanked-up and fighty – like lager louts.”

Wildlife experts are saying that the colony will go on expanding throughout summer, until a queen decides to produce more males and queens.

What can you do to save yourself from the invasion?

Wasps Nest UK says:

Do not plane sweet smelling plants near doors and windows. These plants produce an abundance of nectar and sap which wasps are attracted to. If you plant these type of plants upwind of your home, then you are likely to get less wasp in your home.

Do not plant fruit trees too close to your house; again, these trees attract wasps.

Bins and exposed rubbish attract wasps so keep these away from your house and make sure bin lids fit, and that any damage or holes are sealed.

Check wooden garden furniture for 'white tramlines' which may indicate that a queen wasp is using it to strip wood for nest building material. Treat wooden furniture with either a shop bought wood treatment product or eucalyptus/menthol/citronella mix in teak oil.

You can also make home made wasp attracters and place them away from you house or outside seating area so that wasps are attracted away.

Wasps traps can also be bought from a variety of shops. These traps are easy and safe to use but should be used away from where you eat food. These traps kills any wasps caught.