A mum is furious after she says her cat was shot in the head with an air gun in Wallington.

It was initially thought there was a lump of wood lodged in Alfie’s head when owners Dave and Anne Gibbs, of Lytton Gardens, saw him on Thursday, July 26.

But after being taken to the vets a pellet was removed from his head before the seven-year-old Persian cross was prescribed with medication.

Mrs Gibbs, 64, said: “My husband, Dave, thought he had a lump of wood in his head and tried to pull it out. We now think that is congealed up blood.

“Then the next day it was looking septic, so we took the cat to the vets and the vet – poking around - pulled out the airgun pellet.”

It’s believed he stayed away from home for a while, perhaps due to trauma, before returning that Thursday evening at around 8pm.

The retired medical secretary said it looked as though Alfie was shot at close range and the incident was reported to the police.

However, the mum-of-three said officers told her it will probably go down as “undetected” because it’s unclear what exactly happened.

Mrs Gibbs added: “I’m very angry that there are such wicked, wicked people out there to be honest. That’s how it makes me feel. Because, even if you don’t like cats, you don’t go around shooting them do you?

“One school of thought is that it might have been kids but then you think, ‘Would children really do that?’

“I’m not so sure they would.”

A Parkside Vets spokeswoman confirmed Alfie had been seen to following the incident where a pellet was removed from his head.

He was then prescribed antibiotics and painkillers.