Unhappy residents in Purley wrote to Croydon’ Council’s planning committee ahead of a meeting on Thursday (August 2).

People living in Oakwood Avenue, Purley Hill,  Selcroft, Riddlesdown and Grasmere Roads asked the council to reconsider its position on building flats in Purley.

“We write with regard to the recent spate of high density residential developments approved for construction in East Purley that requires the destruction of of existing properties and we request that the council reconsider their current position,” said the letter.

But the council’s director of planning Heather Cheeseborough said the letter was similar to letters received in the past that the council has responded to.

She told the committee that council officers had met with residents associations’ in February and would be happy to meet with residents again.

Ms Cheeseborough reminded the meeting: “In the context of the letter matters like the fact the applicant does not have a track record in building out consent or may landbank the site is not a material planning consideration.

“The fact that some applications are sometimes submitted with inaccuracies does not mean that the application should be refused.

“Planning officers are skilled at interrogating documents and can make a judgement on whether inaccuracies are material or not.

“Where necessary further revisions and submissions are requested from the applicant

“The planning division takes the consideration of applications extremely seriously and careful consideration is taken on every occasion.”

At the meeting councillors approved three new flats in Purley.

In Grasmere Road the demolition of a bungalow and creation of three storey building with eight flats and four parking spaces will be built by Sterling Rose Homes. 

Thomas Allport lives next door said he and his wife to be will consider leaving the borough to raise a family.

“It’s a genuine shame that young couple looking to add back to the borough and raise a family are being pushed out of the area,” he added.

Cllr Jason Perry said that parking and overlooking on other properties could be an issue.

He said: “It is very clear that the surrounding area is semi detached properties so I think in reality the bungalow is out of character with the locality and therefore to to come forward with a pair of semi houses would fit in.

“I think what we’ve got here from a design perspective looks like a pair of semi detached houses i think it will look okay with the street scheme.

“I think it’s a shame we are losing the opportunity to create good sized family homes.

I think  the other thing because it is a number of flats there is it’s going to be 24 plus people living here and 10 or so cars.”

But Cllr Chris Clark said the development provides much needed homes.

reflecting on the design i think this is a very sympathetic design that reflects the buildings around it and improves the street scene.

“The key thing for me is that there are going to be two new family homes within the development.

Another plan for to build a three storey building made up of nine flats on the site of a house in Purley Hill was also discussed.

Both proposals were approved six councillors voting in favour.