More than 60 new murals will soon hit the streets as Croydon gears up for its first annual urban art festival.

RISEfestival will host some of the world’s leading urban artists from around the globe, adding even more colour to the skyline.

As well as te new paintings, there will also be a number of new installations in and around the town centre plus an exclusive exhibition hosted by RISEgallery and a new pop up gallery.

Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, owner of RISEgallery said: “We’ve been driving public art in Croydon for the last four years, and Croydon is now hosting a truly international festival celebrating that.

"The festival will really solidify Croydon’s position on the international urban art scene as one of the key places in Europe to visit for street art.”

The event will start on September 5 and finish September 15.

Croydon Council cultural director Paula Murray said ths would shine a light on the area.

“I’m so pleased at the mix we have in this year’s festival - combining local, national and international talent, and showcasing artists from diverse backgrounds, and particularly women working in street art.”