A mum has spoken out after she was allegedly threatened at knifepoint before being told: “Give me your watch or I’ll kill your kid”.

Samantha Flew was stopped by a moped rider after she was walking home with her daughter, in West Drive, at around 5.30pm on July 31.

The suspect allegedly brandished his weapon and demanded for her watch but soon fled after she began screaming for help.

Mrs Flew said: “I noticed a moped pulling over to my side of the road and I thought it was probably a delivery driver or something asking me for directions, so I sort of paused to look at him.

“He told me, ‘Give me your watch’. I said what? He said, ‘Give me your watch or I’ll kill your kid’, he had a knife in his hand and he was sort of pointing it at me.

“I just screamed – or shouted – quite angrily, ‘Help! Help! Help!’. Thinking, the best way to get him to just disappear is to for him to panic.

“There are people all around, coming from work, and putting their bins out and things.”

The marketing director didn’t want to put her daughter down and take her watch off as it could have put them in danger.

She took the option of shouting really loudly in a bid to draw attention from other witnesses and force him into fleeing.

However, the suspect did not have a registration plate on his moped and had a black helmet and thus making it difficult to identify him, Mrs Flew said.

She added: “I was very happy to give him anything. I would rather give him my watch, my wallet, my phone – anything he wanted – than have any kind of confrontation.

“Especially with him being armed and me having my toddler with me.

“But, at the time, I didn’t want to put her in a more vulnerable situation.

“The best thing in that situation was for me to make him disappear rather than have a prolonged interaction with him whilst I gave him all my belongings.”

A Met Police spokeswoman confirmed officers were called shortly after 5.30pm to reports of attempted armed robbery in West Drive.

She added: "Officers attended. The victim was a female aged in her 30s.

"She told police she was threatened by a young male suspect who demanded her watch and threatened her and a child she was with, with a knife.

"The suspect subsequently made off on a moped when the woman screamed and members of the public were alerted."

No injuries were reported, nor have any arrests been made at this stage, while enquiries continue the spokeswoman said.