Travellers have set up camp in Cheam Park and Recreation Ground in the latest of incidents reported across Sutton within the past few weeks.

Residents and councillors reported the incursion during the weekend, with up to 15 caravans and lorries having been spotted in the public space.

This is the latest in a spate of episodes in the borough since early July, following encampments in Beddington, Fairlands, Poulter, and Rosehill parks.

In a tweet, Cllr Elliot Colburn said: “I am furious that travellers have moved in Cheam Park. I am working with fellow councillors Eric Allen and Holly Ramsey to get action started.

“Paul Scully has been on the scene with Sutton police, and we understand the process is starting.

“I, along with other Conservative Sutton colleagues, continue to support and push for a borough-wide injunction against traveller incursions like Croydon have just done.”

A court order obtained from Croydon Magistrates’ Court was served on the travellers after a reported encampment within Fairlands Park.

If they had not moved by Monday then bailiffs and police officers would have been on site to enforce it.

But the incident in Cheam Park has set off a fresh wave of problems for authorities to deal with.

Sutton Guardian first reported a traveller incursion in Beddington Park on July 4 this month before another was reported in Poulter Park soon after.

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While some expressed concerns over alleged fly-tipping and called for tighter security, Rosehill Park then became a target too.

Fairlands Park was later affected, with Sutton police officers installing a CCTV camera last week to monitor the situation "24/7" before Cheam Park was hit over the weekend.

Local campaigner Amna Ahmad said: "Illegal incursions and the cost to the taxpayer of clearing up mess left behind by some travellers is unacceptable.

"The Government needs to strengthen Sutton Council's hand by introducing legislation so it can act fast. The Government must act as soon as possible."

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A Sutton Council spokeswoman said the authority works "closely" with the Met Police and local safeguarding teams on matters such as traveller incursions.

This is while looking into residents' "serious" concerns and working "as quickly as possible" within legislation to deal with the issues raised.

She added: "The council has already made entering many sites more difficult by building earth mounds and more secure barriers, gates, and locks.

“We are continuing to seek ways to minimise risk of incursions onto public land and will deal with encampments fairly and firmly.”