Up to five animals a week are still being killed by the Croydon Cat Killer according to a local charity. Boudicca Rising from South Norwood Animal Rescue League (SNARL) addressed the Croydon Safer Neighbourhood Board on Wednesday (July 25) to ask for £1,000 which would be spent on leaflets handed out after incidents in the area. “It’s not pretty, it’s nasty and it needs to end – and essentially we are trying to do that,” she said. “The police have been amazing and we are all collectively doing our best when there has been an attack. “One of the things we know about this predator is that if he likes an area he goes back to an area. “We let people know what happened the other reason we leaflet is we don’t want people to throw away evidence if they do come across it.” She said that in the last month and a half there have been 17 incidents in and around Croydon, including the killing of cats, foxes and rabbits. “It is clear that these attacks are designed to cause emotional harm to humans,” added Boudicca. It will be decided by email how much or whether the organisation will get funding.