The owner of Carshalton Athletic FC has sought to allay fears that an extended alcohol licence would cause disturbances.

The club has applied to Sutton Council for a new alcohol licence that would mean they can serve booze and play music until 1am on up to 30 occasions a year, on a Friday or Saturday.

They are already permitted to serve alcohol until midnight seven days a week.

Paul Dipre, owner of the club, said currently they have been running until 1am up to 15 times a year but have to apply each time for a separate licence.

“Instead of having 15 per year we are applying for a maximum of 30,” he said.

“It is not a big change from the existing licence we have.”

But the plans have received 12 objections from residents.

One objector from nearby Mead Crescent said they were ‘horrified’ by the plans.

They said: “Already, especially when the wind is in our direction, residents of Mead Crescent have no alternative but to stay indoors with closed windows when activities take take place during warm weather, with loud music and shouting.

“In Colston Avenue they will also be subjected to cars and pedestrians (including people who have been drinking for hours) passing their houses up to 2am.

“It would seem that having limited success with the football team, the owners now plan to make the premises a 24/7 drinking club.”

One of the conditions of the licence is that clear notices must be ‘prominently displayed’ at all exits requesting customers to respect local residents and leave the area quietly.

Mr Dipre added: “In the past 18 months we haven’t had one single complaint about bad behaviour or noise.

“We are putting procedures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen and we have tested it for 18 months.

“Neither the police not the environmental health department objected to [the proposed licence].”

The application is set to be decided by the council’s Licensing Sub-Committee on Wednesday (August 1).

The meeting will take place at 10.30am at Sutton Civic Centre.