Trees are at risk of suffering in the heatwave, and one council is asking residents to make sure they are getting enough water.

This summer so far has been the driest since records began, and hundreds of young trees planted last winter might be struggling.

Pat Langley, arboricultural manager with Wandsworth council’s leisure and culture contractor Enable, said: “This hot spell has really dragged on for quite a long period of time and while older, more established trees are better placed to withstand the heat and lack of rainfall, newly planted younger ones are a bit more vulnerable to these hot and dry conditions.

“This is one of these rare instances when mother nature could do with a helping hand, so if you have a tree in your street that looks dry and parched, please give it some water. You’ll be doing your neighbourhood proud if you do.”

Most street trees have a black plastic tube next to the trunk that allows water to be poured deep into the soil to be taken up by the roots.

Last winter the council planted 500 trees across the borough, with plans to plant a further 600 before the end of 2019.

There are about 15,000 street trees in the borough, and 60,000 in parks and open spaces.

Temperatures this week are expected to exceed the previous record set in 1976, and hot, dry conditions are expected to continue.