Nearly two thirds of people who took part in a survey in Sutton said domestic violence was a problem in the borough.

As part of a report published by Sutton Council on Tuesday (July 10) a survey of residents reveals the perception of the problem.

Last year, domestic violence accounted for more than a third of cases of violence resulting in injury in the borough.

A survey of 270 people carried out in December 2017 found that nearly two thirds said domestic abuse was a problem in Sutton.

Half of those questioned said they would know where to go if they needed help.

Findings of the survey will be used to improve the services that Sutton provides and support that is offered to address domestic abuse in the next two years.

Cllr Jean Crossby, Sutton’s anti-domestic abuse champion said: “This campaign is one that is very close to my heart.

“I know the suffering caused by domestic abuse and fully support any initiative that seeks to reduce this.”

Full results of the survey and information about resources available can be found here.