A Morden community radio station has apologised following complaints of "huge" fly posters which were said to have “targeted” properties in Worcester Park.

Flex FM, based in Garth Road, said it was “deeply shocked and appalled” to find out the posters were put up on sites which were “not authorised”.

It’s said a company was hired for them to be put up in several different locations in a bid to promote the station – only for some of them to cause concern.

In a letter to Flex FM, seen by Sutton Guardian, Richard Johnson said: “Our town has been targeted with huge fly posters, all advertising your company and its contact details.

“Residential homes, local businesses and sites currently being redeveloped have been attacked.

“By contrast, fly posters in our town centres are unsightly and degrade the area. All fly posters make the area look tatty, uncared for and run down, regardless of what’s written on them.

“They visibly undermine all the efforts we are making.”

Mr Johnson later requested for these fly posters to be removed.

Locations of where these fly posters were put up include Central Road, Cheam Common Road, London Road, and Victoria House in Malden Road.

But Flex FM's chief executive Carl Shepherd says the situation will be rectified with “immediate effect” and see that the posters are removed “with no damage” to any of the properties affected.

In his response, Mr Shepherd continued that he would be contacting the unidentified business “immediately” to resolve the issue.

He added: “As a community radio station, we pride ourselves on going back to the community and we are deeply saddened by this matter, as it is certainly not a reflection on everything we stand for.

“We will do everything to ensure that this is rectified with immediate effect and that the posters are removed, with no damage to any properties.”

It’s believed the process of removing the fly posters will be undertaken across the next few days.