Major yet divisive plans to redevelop a six-bedroomed home estimated to be worth around £1.57 million in the south of Cheam have been scrapped.

Boathouse Properties wanted to build five four-bedroomed and two five-bedroomed buildings on the site in Burdon Lane after the proposals were submitted in April.

However, following the submission of more than 70 comments across a nearly a month, the plans were confirmed withdrawn by Sutton Council on Monday, July 9.

The two-and-a-half storey property was sold for £1.6 million last December, according to the Government’s Land Registry database, and is currently valued at £1.57 million by property website Zoopla.

It would have also come with roof accommodation, vehicle access from Burdon Lane, two outbuildings providing six car parking spaces and seven surface car parking spaces.

But residents in surrounding areas voiced concerns over the development for various reasons – from privacy fears, to parking and alleged violations of Sutton Council’s back garden development policy.

Anna Brennan, of Manor Road, said: “I strongly oppose this development. The largest house is positioned very close to the back of my garden and this will impose on our privacy.

“We also have two very large trees at the back of our garden, one of which has a TPO [tree preservation order] and we fear that they will be damaged by this development.

“There is no need for this development as there is no lack of this type of housing for sale in the area.

“We strongly oppose this development.”

Keerti Sethia, of nearby Arundel Road, said the houses of the proposed new development would “directly overlook” neighbouring properties in the area, including hers.

Anthony Cook, also of Arundel Road, said it is an application for homes “too close” and located within an area with an “abundance” of wildlife.

In a separate comment, he added: “I can’t imagine how parking would be viable in this present application.

“There are no garages, hence, where would visitors, or deliver vehicles, or tradesmen, park?”

Meanwhile, Deborah Atkinson, also of Arundel Road, said the proposed properties are “attractive” but still an “overdevelopment” of the site.

She cited the “very small” back gardens, “insufficient” parking provision and potential access problems for refuse, delivery lorries, and emergency vehicles are issues.

Mrs Atkinson added: “An application for far fewer houses ensuring more trees and a placement of units further from existing boundaries would be much more acceptable to me, although the problem with the access would still not be resolved.

“Until a revised application addresses my concerns above, I must object this one.”

The comments, published from May 23 to June 18, range from residents in Burdon Lane, Sandy Lane, and The Avenue.

While the council confirmed the plans had been withdrawn on July 9, it’s unclear whether there will be a follow-up application from Boathouse Properties.

To see the planning application, click here.